loaf stuffed

1 round loaf
Slices of various cold cuts of our choice e.g.. smoked steak, ham, bacon, salami etc.
Slices of various cheeses of our choice e.g.. slice, μοτσαρέλα , Cheddar, smoked etc..
Baked vegetables, for example. eggplant, Red pepper, zucchini etc..
Lettuce leaves, slices of cucumber
Various sauces of our liking e.g.. mustard, mayonnaise, pesto etc..

Cut the top of the loaf horizontally with a large bread knife. We keep the piece for a lid. Carefully empty the inner crumb, leaving the bread untouched all around. Fill the inside of the bread, putting in the order we want our ingredients and adding between the sauce (or sauces) we chose. When the cavity is filled, Spread a little sauce on top of the ingredients and in the mouth of the bread and place the lid. To serve it, cut it into slices with a sharp bread knife.

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