How roasted peppers are


The roasted peppers made easy, even grill kitchen! To avoid hassle with cooking and the cleaning, the secret is the proper preparation:

1. Wash the peppers and pat dry. Cut with Knife, the top of the stem and bottom (wide or pointed, depending on the type of pepper)


2. Cut peppers lengthwise and press to open. Remove the seeds and fibers.


3. Spread a large baking sheet with foil and put it over the peppers with the skin upwards.


4. Bake the peppers on the grill (if options our kitchen we choose the strongest grill) in the distance 5 – 6 cm. Allow to cook until blackened their skin (do not mind the blackened peel, peppers will not burn because the peel protects).

Remove the peppers from the grill and place them in bowls. The immediately capped with foil or film and leave 15 – 20 minutes, sweat (thus it becomes easy to peel)


5. After the fall of temperature and we can get down easily without burning, exposing the peppers and peel, grasping with one hand us the burned skin and pulling the.


The peppers are ready! You can immediately use or to marinate and to eat later.


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