Sugarpaste coating(rolled fondant)
Sugarpaste coating (rolled fondant) Easy recipe for sugar paste. You can use it to cover your cake and to make small decorative (for long you will need gumpaste). From
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Preparation time: 20 minutes | Cooking: 2 minutes | Total time: 22 minutes
Recipe for: 1 kilo

Nutrition information per 1 portion
Calories: Calories | Fat: g.

Dust gelatine: 1 tablespoon (9 gr.)
Water: 60 ml
Ekchylsma vanilla: 1 teaspoon (or lemon extract or orange or almond)
Lightweight corn syrup: 165 g. (if you do not use 120 g. glucose syrup 45 g. simple sugar syrup)
edible glycerin: 1 tablespoon
Icing sugar: 1 kilogram
Margarine: 1 teaspoon (for brushing of hands kneading)

1. In bowl withstands heat, put water and scatters over gelatin. leave 2 - 3 minutes to swell the gelatin.
2. Place the bowl in a bain-marie and stir to melt the gelatin. Remove from the bain marie and add fragrance.
3. Add the glycerine and corn syrup and stir to make the mixture homogeneous.
4. In a large bowl sift the 700 g. icing. Make a hole in the center and pour the mixture of gelatin. Stir with wooden spoon.
5. Sift icing much of the rest of the bench and pour over the sugar paste. Spread your hands to knead the margarine and sugar paste, adding the remaining sugar, little - little.
6. Wrap the sugar paste in a food film, to put in a bag and close it in a bowl. Allow to rest 24 hours before use. Handles refrigerator 2 months.

Prepared in 2 February 2016 by Luise