Happy Juicer juicing tips and advice

Leave your juicer set up on your kitchen work top. It will remind you to juice and is a lot more convenient than having to heave it out of a cupboard (most juicers weigh a reasonable amount). With your juicer always at the ready you will be more likely to juice.

Once you have put your ingredients through your juicer you should drink your juice as soon as possible to prevent the loss of any nutrients.

Try and buy organic produce for juicing where possible, it will be free from pesticides, herbicides etc. This means your juice will be pesticide free. If you do use non-organic ingredients in your juicer then either peel or wash them thoroughy first using a vegeatable brush to remove any chemical residues.

Try shopping at local produce markets where the produce will be fresher than if it has been shipped half way round the world.

Remember to remove any large stones / pips from your ingredients such as peaches, nectarines, cherries and apricots.

Some fruits with a low water content are not as suitable for juicing and are better being broken down in a blender and then combined with the juice output of the juicer. Fruits that should be prepared in the blender include bananas, avocado and papayas.

If you are looking to keep the cost of your juicing ingredients down then make sure that you make that you take advantage of seasonal changes in fruit and vegetable prices. For example strawberries are a lot cheaper in summer.

Just because a fruit is expensive it doesn’t mean it is of high quality. Check all the ingredients that will be going into your juicer BEFORE you buy them

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