Tylose powder – tylose powder

What is tylose powder and used

What is tylose powder and used


The dust tylose (tylose powder – tylo powder) It is a natural gum obtained from plants. Widely used in the food industry. Especially in pastry, much used in cake decoration. Added in simple rolled fondant (sugar paste coating) to turn it into gum paste or sugar paste and flower paste (It is also known as quick gum paste to separate the gum paste otherwise prepared) (sugar paste modeling). The tylose gives elasticity to the sugar paste, so it can be easily worked and used for stunts, bows and flowers. Also hardens when dry, so the decorations keep their shape.

Another common use of tylose, It is the preparation of edible adhesive. This adhesive is transparent and quite strong and is used to bond the decorative on the rolled fondant or the various parts of a decorative together (eg. petals of flowers between them)

The tylose may be replaced with other gum, either naturally (eg. tragacanth gum) or artificial (eg. CMC). but quantities listed in each recipe, You may need to be adjusted if the tylose replaced with other gum.

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