Cocktail drink recipes (with vodka, rum etc.), fruit (watermelon etc.), without alcohol, punch, homemade liqueurs

cocktail margarita

Cool, fruity, summer, great for parties and friendly gatherings, cocktail daisy. Build today and enjoy tomorrow. One day waiting, will reward you: the flavors blend and make vivid and delicious margaritas. From


ingredients (per 750 ml of):

Tequila: 1 mug

Triple sec: 1 mug

lime zest: by 4 lime

lime juice: 1/2 mug

Lemon zest: by 2 lemons

Lemon juice: 1/2 mug

sugar fine: 1/4 cup

crushed ice: as you like for serving

Lime juice and fine salt, little for serving (optional)



Put in a glass bowl drinks, the shavings, juices and sugar. Stir to melt the sugar, well close the bowl and refrigerate for at least 4 hours (better 1 whole day)

Remove from the refrigerator the bowl and pass the daisy from fine strainer. Put the drink to appropriate jug.

To serve, wet with lime juice contour cups and touch in fine salt. Put crushed ice in glasses and fill with daisy you prepared.


simple syrup

Απλό σιρόπι

The simple syrup is a syrup of sugar and water in a ratio 1 : 1 . Used in several recipes pastry, but also in preparing cocktails. It can be flavored with extracts or liqueurs.

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Orange syrup

Σιρόπι πορτοκαλιού

Homemade fruit syrups are made very quickly and easily. Recipe for aromatic orange syrup, ideal for ice cream, Pancakes, panacotta, pancakes, cocktails and anywhere imaginable.

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