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How we use the amberjack bread



Many times we eat less bread than what we buy, thereby spoiled and going so far as to become moldy and throw. Before we get to that – without return- point, good to see, if and how we can use the bread of the previous day:

  1. We can use it in various recipes eg. burgers, meatballs, meatballs, meatloaf, fish roe salad, garlic sauce. Also in various recipes for creating filling for some dishes eg. pork roll stuffed with celery.
  2. Doing croutons: remove the crust from the bread, cut cubes or bake in a low temperature oven or Grease light and bake at low heat in the pan, stirring regularly, until completely dry and crispy.
  3. Cut the bread very thin slices and do rusks, baking the low temperature in the oven. The rusks are able to consume as such or , if the prepare without adding oil, be rubbed into the blender and use it like breadcrumbs recipes sweet and Food, especially e.g.anarisma.
  4. Doing avgofetes, sweet or savory (french tost) or use for puddings.

If we do not have time to utilize the bread, we can close good food bag and keep it in the freezer. The remove several hours before use and leave in the bag, until completely thawed.

How are the greens Sautied

Πως γίνονται τα τσιγαριαστά χόρτα

The Sautied greens are a traditional recipe, that make it in many parts of Greece, from Crete, to Epirus and Macedonia. Here we show in detail and with photos step – step, This way of cooking. From

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Tips for success of a recipe

Συμβουλές επιτυχίας μιας συνταγής

Even though we believe the opposite, few of us have innate talent for cooking and baking. Most (and of course put in them and myself), we have to try, follow recipes, be careful, to read, show us one way etc. to achieve a really well made and delicious food or dessert, that will make us happy and our family or our friends and guests. Of course, as in all things we do every day, there are some basic rules, which help us to succeed with more certainty and security the intended effect

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