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Crunchy morsels with chocolate and peanut butter


as easy as pie, crispy treats, that can make them even children, with cornflakes, chocolate and peanut butter. From


ingredients (per 20 pieces):

Chocolate Couverture: 180 g. broken into pieces

Peanut butter: 120 g. (crunchy)

Cornflakes: 2 1/2 mugs

colorful candies: little decoration – optionally



Lay a large pan with wax paper or silicone sheet.

Put in an ovenproof bowl chocolate and peanut butter and place in a bain-marie. Stir until melted chocolate and peanut butter and mixed. Alternatively, You can melt in the microwave, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Download the bowl from the heat and add the cornflakes. Stir to cover everywhere.

Take tablespoons of the mixture and pour onto waxed paper. If desired sprinkle with colored candy.

Put the pan in the refrigerator, shake chocolate, about half an hour.

Serve on a platter and put them in small paper muffin baking.


Cake for Father's Day

Τούρτα για τη γιορτή του πατέρα

A beautiful elegant cake, perfect for Father's Day, but also for men's birthdays or other “male” circumstance. It can be done with any combination of cake – voutyrokremas prefer and in any size you serve, enough to have a rectangular shape. From

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