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Salad with artichokes


Tasty, original, Mediterranean salad with artichokes, rocket and olives. From



Rocket: 1 package (prefer rocket with small leaves)

Lettuce: 1 small cut strips

Artichokes: 1 mug, from jar, drained and cut in 2 or 4 (depending on the size)

Parsley: 1/3 cup, leaves only

Kalamata Olives: 1/3 cup, pitted

White balsamic vinegar: 2 tablespoons

grated garlic: 1 very small clove

Salt, pepper: as you like

Ελαιόλαδο : 4 tablespoons

Parmesan: 30 g. in parmesan (or other hard cheese of your choice)



In a bowl put the rocket, lettuce, artichokes, parsley and olives and stir gently.

Beat the garlic together, vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Pour it over the salad and stir carefully to go the vinaigrette everywhere.

Above add cheese and serve.