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Sweet cherry preserves


A beautiful, beloved by all sweet, delicious and easy: sweet cherry! A prescription from a member of , Zoitsa! The thanks, both the recipe, as for photography!



1,5 pound of cherries

1 kg sugar

Juice of one lemon

1 vanilla

1 cup of water brown



Wash the cherries and remove their stalks. Then with the special tool or if we do not have a hairpin stones.

Put them in a pot with water and sugar over medium fotia.Anakatefoume slowly with a wooden spoon. Once he starts to boil skim sweet, and add the lemon juice and vanilla.

In 30-40 minute sweet ties (always over medium heat).

Sterilize three jars of 500ml and add the sweet.

are about 1300 – 1500 ml.

Sweet carrot spoon

Γλυκό κουταλιού καρότο

Original, delicious, easy sweet and delicious carrot with cinnamon and clove scent. It's great plain, but on yogurt, cake, creams etc.. A recipe that gave us our friend Zoitsa! Materials Tender carrots: 1 kg Water: 1300 ml Sugar: 1200 g. Honey: 3 tablespoons Garygalla: 5 Cinnamon pins: 2 Lemon wood: […]

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