Traditional recipes for homemade jam as apricot, peach, cherry, fig and apricot compote, pear, apple

fig jam

lovely jam, fresh figs and some sugar. Eaten like all jams, it also fits very well with cheeses. From



fresh figs: 1200 g.

Ζάχαρη : 450 g.

Lemon squash: 1 tablespoon

Water: 1/4 cup



Peel the figs and finely chop. Put them in a saucepan, along with all the other ingredients. Stir and let 2 – 3 hours to remove their liquid.

Put a saucer frozen (you will need to check the jam tied).

Put the pot on the fire and stir every now and then. When he starts to boil, reduce heat and let simmer jam, Stir regularly and if necessary to skim.

Boil until the jam reaches 104 degrees. To ensure that tied, add a big spoonful of jam on the saucer that had frozen and put in the freezer for 2 minutes. The pull and do with your finger a groove in the middle of the jam. If liquid jam roll and cover the groove, then the jam needs more cooking. If the channel remains intact, then the jam is ready.

Downloading the jam from heat and while still hot, Fill sterilized jars. Close them and let them cool.

Peach Jam

Μαρμελάδα ροδάκινο

Easy and delicious jam, fragrant and with less sugar than most jams. The apple helps to thicken the jam without excess sugar. From

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Peach compote in pressure cooker

Κομπόστα ροδάκινο στη χύτρα ταχύτητας

Easy recipe for peach compote, in the pressure cooker. Simultaneously boils compote and becomes canning. The compost thus kept unrefrigerated. After opening withstand a few days in the refrigerator. From

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grape jam

Μαρμελάδα σταφύλι

Tasty, easy, original jam with great taste and impressive color. The recipe can be done apart from red and white grapes. From

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