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Crisp polenta with dentolivano and garlic

Delicious, crispy polenta sticks with rosemary, garlic and olive oil, a recipe from our neighboring Italy. From



Ελαιόλαδο : 3 tablespoons and 1/4 cup extra

Garlic: 3 cloves, grated

rosemary: 1 tablespoon

Water: 4 mugs

Salt, pepper: as needed

Flour for polenta (corn flour): 1 mug


Lay a pan with waxed paper 20 X 25 about.

Place the 3 tablespoons olive oil in a pan and add the garlic. You put it over medium heat and cook, stirring, until it begins to change color (careful not to burn). The download from heat, add rosemary and keep it for later.

Put water in the pot and put it on the fire to boil. When you starts to boil add very low flow of polenta, stirring vigorously and then wire to prevent clotting. Cook stirring constantly, shake until the polenta enough, 10 minutes.

Downloading and adding the mixture of garlic – rosemary. Empty the pan you prepared. Lay the surface and allow to cool. Put the pan in the refrigerator for at least half an hour.

Remove the pan from the refrigerator and tilt the polenta onto the cutting board. Cut it into sticks, 1,5 X 5 from. about.

Turn on the grill as possible and put it underneath a large oven dish, burn for 10 minutes. The remove and sprinkle with 1/4 cup olive oil. Top dish of polenta pieces and place on the grill again. Bake until golden brown the polenta. Remove, trowel upside down the pieces and browned xanapsinete.

Remove from the grill, transfer to platter and serve hot.

Cake with chocolate and coffee

A great, rich cake with cake-like brownies and coffee-flavored buttercream. It is decorated with chocolate ganache and many chocolate snacks and chocolates. From

Ingredients for the cake:

Flour: 280 g. (For every use)

Baking powder: 2 and 1/4 teaspoons

Salt: 1 teaspoon

Cocoa: 80 g.

Hot, strong coffee: 300 ml

Butter: 275 g. at room temperature

Ζάχαρη : 465 g.

Eggs: 3 whole and 2 yolks (Keep the whites for buttercream)

Vanilla: 2 teaspoons extract or 4 vanillin

Yogurt: 240 g, at room temperature (simple, not strained)

Ingredients for the chocolate layer – espresso:

Milk Chocolate: 115 g.

Sour cream: 60 ml

Espresso: 15 ml

Vanilla: 1/4 teaspoon extract or 1/2 vanillin

Ingredients for the buttercream:

Instant coffee powder: 2 teaspoons

Vanilla: 2 teaspoons extract or 4 vanillin

Hot water: 1 teaspoon

Egg whites: 240 ml (about 8 eggs)

Ζάχαρη : 400 g.

Butter: 670 g. (at room temperature)

Ingredients for the chocolate ganache:

Chocolate Couverture: 200 g.

Sour cream: 200 ml

In addition to decoration:

chocolates, chocolate olives, snack with chocolate etc., depending on your taste



For the cake:

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Butter and Layer with waxed paper, 2 tins 20 from. about.

Sift together the flour, salt and baking powder. Hold it for later.

Mix together the cocoa with hot water, melted cocoa and homogeneous mixture. Hold it for later.

Beat in mixer the butter with the sugar, until fluffy well, about 4 minutes. Add eggs one by one (wait to incorporate the last before starting the next) and finally the yolks. Add the cocoa mixture and vanilla and knock, Just to mix.

Reduce speed and add half flour. when incorporated, Add the yogurt and just incorporated, add the remaining flour. Stir to mix and this.

Divide the mixture in 2 you prepared tins and bake in the preheated oven for 35 minutes (try to stick or knife comes out clean if)

Remove the cake from oven and place in rack to cool 10 minutes. Then the tilt on a rack, remove the ladocharta and allow to cool completely.

For the chocolate mixture – espresso:

Cut the chocolate into pieces and put in a bowl that can withstand the heat.

Put the cream and the coffee pot and put on fire to burn well. Just boil, the downloading and pour over the chocolate. leave 2 – 3 minutes and then stir to melt the chocolate and smooth the mixture. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

For the buttercream:

Dissolve the coffee and vanilla in hot water and keep for later.

Put the egg whites and sugar in an ovenproof bowl and place in a bain-marie. Stir with a whisk until you reach the 65 degrees Celsius. Pour the mixture into the mixer bowl and beat until the mixture is frothy and polish. Continue beating, until the temperature drops and not feel hot in the bowl when touched. Reduce speed and add the butter, piece – piece. Finally add the water dissolve coffee and vanilla.

For the assembly:

Cut each cake horizontally in half drive, so you 4 drives total. Place one disk platter or tourtiera (for there is no case to slide the cake from its place, before you put the cake in the center to spread a spoonful buttercream and top to put the cake). Spread on the 1/3 espresso chocolate mixture. Then spread the 1/6 about the voutyrokremas. Put on top the second disk keikkai spread another 1/3 the chocolate mixture – espresso.. Put the cake in the refrigerator 15 approx tighten the buttercream. Remove and Apply another 1/6 buttercream. Put cake tray, chocolate – espresso and again in the refrigerator 15 minutes. Finally put another layer of buttercream and the last cake tray. Refrigerate again.

Remove from the refrigerator and spread around on the surface of the cake a thin layer voutyrokremas and Lay trowel as best you can. To put it back in the refrigerator. When shake the buttercream, remove the cake from the refrigerator and spread the rest around votyrokrema and the surface. Straighten the buttercream. Put the cake back in the fridge to shake and prepare the ganache chocolate for coating.



For the chocolate ganache:

Break into pieces the chocolate and place in an ovenproof bowl. Heat the cream to burn and pour into the bowl with the chocolate. Leave a few minutes to soften the chocolate and then stir until smooth chocolate and the mixture is smooth. Allow the ganache to come to room temperature.

For decoration:

Remove the cake from the refrigerator. Put the chocolate ganache in pastry bag (if you can not use a spoon). Empty small amounts of chocolate around the cake so as to flowing laterally. After putting chocolate around, pour the rest at the center of the cake. Leave little to begin to stabilize and then decorated with chocolates and snacks choosing.


Kosari (Koshari)

A recipe from our neighboring Egypt, actual dietary dynamite! Vegetarian, with legumes, rice, pasta and oriental herbs! From


ingredients (for fried onions):

onions : 1 kilogram, peeled and cut slices

Salt: 2 teaspoons

Ελαιόλαδο : 1/2 mug

ingredients (for kosari):

Pasta (coral): 1 mug

Salt, pepper: as needed

Lentils: 1 mug

Garlic: 4 cloves chopped

cilantro: 1 1/2 teaspoon grated

Cumin: 1 teaspoon grated

Cinnamon: 3/4 teaspoon grated

Nutmeg: 1/4 teaspoon grated

hot paprika: 1/4 teaspoon

Tomato sauce: 2 mugs

cooked chickpeas: 2 mugs

Basmati rice: 1 mug

Vinegar: 1 tablespoon


chopped parsley: 3 tablespoons (optional)



Salted onions, stir and leave little time to draw their liquid. the dry. Put in pan or saucepan olive oil and heat over high heat. Add the onions and cook, stirring regularly, to get dark brown color. Take them out with a slotted spoon and place on absorbent paper. The oil holding it, You will use the course.

Put plenty of water into the pot to boil. Add 2 teaspoons salt and pasta and cook al dente. Strain, Rinse with cold water and place in bowl.

Put in pot 4 water and cups 1 teaspoon salt to boil. When you boil add the lentils and simmer until just tender, 17 minutes. Drain and keep.

Since the oil that kept, you put 2 tablespoons in pan, along with a clove of garlic, 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/3 of the remaining spices and cook over moderate heat for 1 minute. Add the tomato sauce and chickpeas and simmer until sauce thickens, 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and keep warm.

Put the rice in a bowl and cover with water. Let 10 – 15 minutes then drain. Rinse with plenty of water, to leave as much as possible starch. drain.

Put the remaining oil from onions in pot, the remaining garlic, the remaining spices and cook for 2 minutes. Add the rice and cook, stirring, 3 minutes. Add 2 water and cups 1/2 teaspoon salt and allow to boil. Add the lentils, reduce heat and let simmer, until water is absorbed, about 12 minutes.

Remove from heat, add pasta, cover the pot and let 10 minutes “tie” The tastes.

Put the chickpeas with tomato again to fire, add vinegar, salt and pepper if needed and when boil, the downloading..

Pour the rice with lentils and pasta dish, above chickpeas and put end fried onions. If desired sprinkle with parsley.


tartar sauce (tartar sauce)

Wonderful and easy sauce with mayonnaise, pickles and herbs, perfect for fried fish fillets and seafood. From



Mayonnaise: 3 tablespoons

pickles: 2 – 3 small finely chopped

pickled capers: 1 teaspoon chopped

chopped dill: 1 teaspoon

finely chopped parsley: 1 tablespoon

Lemon squash: 1 teaspoon (or more if you like)

Salt: as you like



Mix all ingredients in bowl. Try if you add extra lemon and salt.

well close the bowl with food wrap and refrigerate for 1/2 – 1 time to tie the flavors.


Cake with three types of milk (Tres leches cake)

A delicious cake, from Mexico, with three different kinds of milk, juicy and fluffy. From


Ingredients for the syrup milk:

Sweetened milk: 1 tin (397 gr.)

Evaporated milk: 1 tin (340 gr.)

Sour cream: 1 mug

Vanilla: 1 teaspoon extract or 2 vanillin

Ingredients for the cake:

Flour: 2 mugs (285 gr.) For every use

Baking powder: 2 teaspoons

Salt: 1 teaspoon

Cinnamon: 1/2 teaspoon

Butter: 115 g.

Milk: 1 mug

Eggs: 4 large, at room temperature

Ζάχαρη : 2 mugs (400 gr.)

Vanilla: 1 teaspoon extract or 2 vanillin

Materials for coating:

Sour cream: 1 mug (35% fatty least)

Glucose syrup: 2 tablespoons

Vanilla: 1 teaspoon extract or 2 vanillin



For the syrup: put the condensed milk in a saucepan and place over medium heat. boil, stirring constantly until you get a very light brown color. Carefully (will vapors can burn you if you do not watch) add the evaporated milk. Stir to homogenize the 2 milk and remove from fire. Add the cream and vanilla, stir and allow to cool completely.

For the cake: preheat the oven to 165 degrees. Butter and flour a baking pan 22 X 32 from. about. Sift together the flour, Baking, salt and cinnamon. Keep it aside. Combine milk and butter in a saucepan and put on fire, until butter melts. The download from heat and keep them for later.

Put the eggs in mixer and beat for half a minute. Add the sugar and beat until frothy well and become shiny, 5 – 6 minutes. Download speed to slow and add milk with the butter and vanilla. Finally add in 3 doses flour. When you add it all, turn up speed and hit the mixture 30 seconds (No more).

Pour the dough in the pan you prepared and put in the oven. Bake until the cake does not stick to the knife, per 50 minutes.

Remove from oven and let on a rack, cool slightly, per 15 minutes. With a stick to kebabs, make holes all over the cake, approximately 1 from. between. Pour the cake with the syrup you have prepared milk. Let it cool for other 20 minutes and then refrigerate, uncovered for at least 3 hours (best overnight)

For coating: beat the cream with the glucose and vanilla until they whipped. The spread over the cake.

Cut into squares and serve (can be kept in the refrigerator 3 – 4 days)



Homemade chili sauce (Tabasco type)

The hot sauce, It is easy to make at home with fresh peppers. It only takes a few days waiting for the fermentation. We even make our own combinations of different kinds of pepper and create unique, Our sauce! From


ingredients (per 1,5 about mug):

Yogurt: 1/3 cup (It must be natural yoghurt)

Red sweet peppers: 2 moderate

Red chili peppers: 400 g.

Garlic: 1 clove

Coarse salt: 3 tablespoons (no iodine e.g.. cheese)

Vinegar: 3 tablespoons (from wine)

Ζάχαρη : 2 tablespoons



Put a small strainer over a glass or jar and put it through a coffee filter. Pour into the filter yogurt and let it puts liquid in jar (this liquid will need to prepare the sauce).

Wash the sweet red peppers, throw away the stalk and seeds and chop. Wash thoroughly chili peppers and cut the stalks (better to wear gloves). If the peppers are blackened or bruised spots, remove them and throw them away.

Add the chili (as the spores), chopped sweet peppers, garlic and salt in a blender and hit, completely melted peppers. Stir the mixture 1 tablespoon vinegar and liquid found in yogurt and stir to mix.

Pour the mixture in sterilized glass or ceramic receptacle. Stir to leave air bubbles that may be present in the mixture and press peppers stay below the liquid surface with a weight. The best way, is to use Pyrex French press coffee. Pour the mixture therein and the plunger – filter holding peppers 1 – 1,5 from. by the surface as photo.


Cover with plastic film and store the container in the dark , away from heat, until the fermentation is about 15 days (fermentation is completed, when bubbles from the mixture will stop coming).

Place bowl over one minutes colander and put in it 2 – 3 cheesecloth. Remove the cap from the press and spoon empty over – up liquid (1 – 2 teaspoons). All other mixture empty the sieve you prepared. wearing gloves, Handle cheesecloth from the corners to begin to squeeze the peppers until they make all their fluids and stay in cheesecloth peels only, fibers and spores. Best process to make it under the hood or in front of an open window, why can tingle your eyes.

This liquid picked, add the remaining vinegar and sugar. Stir to dissolve and pour the sauce into sterilized bottles.

Bears in the refrigerator for years.