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Recipe for baguette

Recipe for baguette
Recipe for baguette The classic French bread, made with the recipe takes more time, but it, delicious, bother. From
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Preparation time: 25 minutes and a night waiting | Cooking: 30 minutes | Total time: 55 minutes and a night waiting
Recipe for: 2 baguettes

Nutrition information per 100 g.
Calories: 274 Calories | Fat: 1 g.

white can flour: 830 g.
Salt: 1 tablespoon
Lukewarm water: 610 ml
Dry μαγιά : 12 g. (just under 2 sachets)
Oil: bit for oiling the pan

1. Sift the flour with salt and place in large bowl. Make a hole in the center and add the water. Stir with spatula or mixer with special mixers for 1 about a minute, water is absorbed from the flour (the dough will be uneven, does not matter, will ferment later). Cover the bowl and let it rest for 10 minutes.
2. Adding to the dough of yeast and kneaded with the mixer on low speed or hands 10 minutes (You will get a gentle, elastic dough). Cover the bowl slightly oiled film and allowed to rise for 30 minutes.
3. Uncover the dough and fold 2 - 3 times. Cover the bowl again and refrigerate. Leave it all night.
4. Next day, remove the dough from the refrigerator and divide in half. Shape each half into baguette, 35 from. length (if the dough is elastic and not stretching as the shape into, let it rest 5 minutes). Flour a large baking sheet and place the baguettes. Cover them lightly oiled film and allowed to rise for about an hour.
5. Preheat oven to 220 degrees. Uncover the baguettes, sprinkle with flour and make a sharp knife, some lateral scratches on their surface. Put them in the oven, spray little water in the oven walls (to increase humidity) and cook until they turn dark brown to sound hollow when you knock lightly with the finger, about 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and place on a rack to cool.

Prepared in 28 August 2015 by Luise

spaghetti bolognese, vegetarian

spaghetti bolognese, vegetarian
spaghetti bolognese, vegetarian A really delicious vegetarian recipe for spaghetti bolognese, with wonderful mushrooms and tomato sauce. With suitable materials can be made and fasting. From
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Preparation time: 20 minutes | Cooking: 50 minutes | Total time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Recipe for: 5 servings

Nutrition information per 1 portion
Calories: 559 Calories | Fat: 13 g.

Poplar mushrooms: 1 kilogram
Carrot: 1 moderate
Onion: 1 small
Butter*: 3 tablespoons
Chopped tomatoes: 2 canned (concasse)
chopped garlic: 3 cloves
Ζάχαρη : 1 teaspoon (and a little extra if needed)
tomato paste: 2 tablespoons
Dry red wine: 1 mug
Vegetable broth or water: 1/2 mug
Soy sauce: 1 tablespoon
Salt, pepper: as you like
Dry oregano: 1/2 teaspoon
Xero thyme: 1/2 teaspoon
Daphne: 2 leaves
Whipping cream*: 3 tablespoons
Pasta: 1/2 kilogram (spaghetti or linguini)
Crumbs Parmesan*: as much as you like (or other hard cheese - optional)

1. Finely chop the mushrooms very well (or put a few - few in the food processor and make 2 - 3 bends, carefully so as not to melt). Take them out and keep them aside. Put in a food processor carrot and onion and rub thoroughly.
2. Melt in a saucepan, over medium heat, butter and add the mushrooms, carrot and onion. Cover the pot (open now and then to blend), until mushrooms draw their liquid (4 - 5 minutes). Turn up the heat, remove the lid and cook, stirring now and then, until the liquid has evaporated and the vegetables begin to brown.
3. Add the garlic and sugar, stir and cook 1/2 minute. Then add the tomato paste and stir 1 minute. Add wine and cook until it evaporates (3 - 4 minutes).
4. Add tomatoes, broth, salt and pepper, soy sauce, oregano, thyme and bay leaf. Reduce heat and simmer until sauce thickens, about 10 minutes. Try if you need extra spice or sugar and extinguish the fire. Add the cream and stir.
5. Meanwhile cook the pasta according to package directions in plenty of salted water. Keep 1/2 the water boil and drain. Put it back in the pot and add the sauce. Stir and if necessary add water that kept. Divide on plates, if desired sprinkle with grated cheese and serve immediately.
* For fasting Bolognese, you can replace butter with olive or vegetable fat and cream with vegetable cream. The cheese you can skip it completely or use cheese from soya milk.

Prepared in 21 August 2015 by Luise


Kapkeiks lemon

Kapkeiks lemon
Kapkeiks lemon fluffy, delicious, wonderful kapkeiks with lemon buttercream. From
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Preparation time: 25 minutes | Cooking: 17 minutes | Total time: 42 minutes
Recipe for: 24 kapkeiks

Nutrition information per 1 Cup cake
Calories: 236 Calories | Fat: 10 g.

Ingredients for kapkeik:
Margarine: 150 g. (tough, at room temperature)
Ζάχαρη : 300 g.
Eggs: 3 large
Flour: 300 g. (For every use)
Baking powder: 1 1/2 tablespoon
Milk: 1 mug
Lemon: 1/2 juice and zest of the whole
Ingredients for the buttercream:
Cream Cheese: 125 g.
Margarine: 90 g. (tough, at room temperature)
Icing sugar: 380 g. (about, maybe take a little longer)
Vanilla: 1 teaspoon extract or 2 vanillin
Lemon: 2 tablespoons juice

1. Preheat oven to 175 degrees. Lay 2 muffin tins with papers for baking. Remove cream cheese from the fridge, the cut pieces and place in colander, leave fluids (if liquid can the buttercream become watery). Mix the flour with the baking powder and keep aside.
2. Beat the sugar with the margarine to whiten and become fluffy. Add a - a eggs. Reduce speed and add the lemon (juice and zest). Finally add the flour alternately with milk (starting and ending with flour).
3. Divide the dough into pans you prepared (1/4 cup into each muffin case) and bake in the preheated oven for 17 minutes. Remove from the oven, leave 5 minutes into the tins and then pull on a rack to cool completely.
4. Meantime, prepare the buttercream: You put all the ingredients together in the mixer bowl and beat until done light cream. If necessary add a little more icing sugar (But do not overdo it because it will come very sweet cream)
5. When completely cool kapkeik, the garnish with cream (or a piping bag with a spatula) if you want the decorative colored candy or lemon zest)

Prepared in 15 August 2015 by Luise

Pasta salad summer

Pasta salad summer
Pasta salad summer Tasty, luxuriant, hearty, Summer salad with pasta, which may constitute in itself a complete meal. From
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Preparation time: 10 minutes and the time for cooling | Cooking: 10 minutes | Total time: 20 minutes and the time for cooling
Recipe for: 5 servings

Nutrition information per 1 portion
Calories: 472 Calories | Fat: 26 g.

Pasta: 250 g. (weighed uncooked)
Green pepper: 1 great
Tomato: 1 great
Onion: 1 moderate
semi cheese: 200 g. (optional)
Salami: 100 g.
olives: 60 g. (pitted)
Ελαιόλαδο : 1/3 cup
Vinegar: 1/4 cup (red wine)
Ζάχαρη : 2 tablespoons
Oregano: 1/2 tablespoon
Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
Pepper: as you like

1. Mix the olive oil with the sugar, vinegar, oregano, salt and pepper and leave aside (before using the vinaigrette, MAKE that sugar has melted)
2. Cook the pasta in plenty of salted water, according to instructions. Strain, Cool under the faucet and place in bowl. Pour a little olive oil, stir and allow to cool completely (you can use already cooked pasta from the previous day)
3. Meanwhile prepare the other ingredients for the salad: Clean and cut pieces of pepper and tomato, Clean and chop the onion, cut into thin slices of salami and cheese cubes.
4. Stir in pasta salad with vegetables, salami, and olives (cheese will put last minute) and stir. Pour the vinaigrette and stir again.
5. Cover the salad and refrigerate for at least half an hour. Remove , add cheese, stir and serve.

Prepared in 10 August 2015 by Luise

Rich vanilla ice cream

Rich vanilla ice cream
Rich vanilla ice cream Delicious, rich, fluffy, authentic vanilla ice cream. Eaten alone or accompany other delicious desserts. From
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Preparation time: 5 minutes and time to freeze | Cooking: 20 minutes | Total time: 25 minutes and the time to freeze
Recipe for: 6 servings

Nutrition information per 1 portion
Calories: 266 Calories | Fat: 17 g.

Sour cream: 1 mug (250 ml)
Milk: 1 mug (250 ml)
Vanilla: 1 lobe
Ζάχαρη : 100 g.
Eggs: 6 large, only egg

1. Chasing the vanilla pod lengthwise with a sharp knife. Open it with the blade of the knife, remove sporakia. Put the sporakia and the pod in a saucepan. Add the milk and the cream and put it on the fire to burn.
2. Meanwhile beat with wire mixer or the sugar with the egg yolks. Once the milk burn, pour slowly, slowly the yolks, and then stir.
3. Pour the mixture into another, Clean heavy-bottomed saucepan and place over low to medium heat, stirring continuously, until the mixture thickens (lifting the spoon, It should cover the back of the spoon).
4. Download the mixture from heat and allow to cool completely, stirring regularly.
5. Pass the mixture of strainer and place in ice cream. The beat until thick. You put tightly bowl in the freezer.

Prepared in 8 August 2015 by Luise

Sweet cherry preserves


A beautiful, beloved by all sweet, delicious and easy: sweet cherry! A prescription from a member of , Zoitsa! The thanks, both the recipe, as for photography!



1,5 pound of cherries

1 kg sugar

Juice of one lemon

1 vanilla

1 cup of water brown



Wash the cherries and remove their stalks. Then with the special tool or if we do not have a hairpin stones.

Put them in a pot with water and sugar over medium fotia.Anakatefoume slowly with a wooden spoon. Once he starts to boil skim sweet, and add the lemon juice and vanilla.

In 30-40 minute sweet ties (always over medium heat).

Sterilize three jars of 500ml and add the sweet.

are about 1300 – 1500 ml.