Pork with macaroni

1 spalompritzola kilogram pork with bone
1/3 oil cup
1 dry grated onion
1 wineglass red wine
6-7 allspice seeds
2 Bay leaves
pepper as you like
1 glass of tomato juice
2 water glasses hot hot
1 macaroni butt pack
2,5 refreshing water glasses hot
salt as you like

Fry the meat with oil and onion well in a pot. Turn the meat on all sides get color.
The switch off the wine and add the spices. Wait a little wine evaporate .
Add the tomato and 2 first cups of water and let it cook well.
I Valla in the pot and the meat pieces left whole.

Preheat oven to well 200 degrees.
We take the meat with a spoon and pour it into a pan with all its zoumaki .
Put the extra refreshing water and leave little in the oven to heat up well , almost to boil.
Take it with caution and put the pasta sprinkled.
During baking remove the food Kana 2 times and stir the macaroni.
Allow to cook and serve with grated cheese (if we).

I told the butcher and I was the meat slices and big and little left around petsoula.
Also becomes another part of pork … eg. the leg but sliced ​​and this……
Finally you can entirely bake baked food……just add all the ingredients except the pasta and extra water , let the meat is cooked and then put the pasta and water……

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