Brioche stuffed

Brioche stuffed
Brioche stuffed Recipe for aromatic, stuffed brioche with chocolate spread or brioche dodger. Perfect recipe for breakfast, brunch, snack or accompanying the coffee.
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Preparation time: 2 hours | Cooking: 30 minutes | Total time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Recipe for: 2 Buns

Nutrition information per
Calories: | Fat:

Flour: 500 g.
Ζάχαρη : 80 g.
Salt: 1 1/2 teaspoon
Vanilla: 2 packaging
Grated mahlepi: 1 teaspoon
Dry μαγιά : 1 sachet
Lukewarm milk: 240 ml
Lightly beaten eggs: 2 moderate
At room temperature butter: 70 g.
Shaken egg: 1 small (Spreadable)
For the filling:
Merenta or marmalade: 1 mug

1. Remove butter and eggs out of the fridge a while before you get room temperature.
2. Mix the flour with the sugar, salt, yeast, vanilla and machlepi. Open to puddle in the center and add milk and beaten eggs. Knead 5 minutes and then add the butter. knead again, pulling the dough toward you and uniting again (as if the fold), per 15 minutes. Make the ball, the cover and put it in a warm place to rise (1 with 1 1/2 time).
3. gently knead the dough, leave the air and on floured surface to open a large rectangular sheet, 1/2 from. thickness of about. Divide the dough with a knife or pizza cutter in 4 strips (along the narrow side). Divide the stuffing along the strips, leaving around, distance 1 - 2 cm uncovered dough. If you want to make a brioche with chocolate spread and one with jam, will put jam on 2 strips and chocolate spread to other 2. Wrap the roll strips, starting from the wide side. Handle 2 wrapped strips together and twist together. After the turn of the wrap in a circle and put in greased pan, 20 - 25 from. about. Do the same with the other strips and put the pans in warm place to rise for other 40 minutes.

4. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Brush the buns with beaten it and bake for 30 minutes. Remove the buns from the oven and allow to cool before cutting.

Prepared in 4 December 2010 by Luise



  2. Well I did Louise……
    I had slightly problem with the pasta which does RESOLVED immediately when they come to realize (later ) I had the wrong measurements butter 😛
    I fill a TSOUREKI with homemade strawberry jam that I had in the fridge
    and the second after having the buttered slightly each panel internally scattered internally sugar-cinnamon and stretched out and coconut raisins……..
    We went Mourlas ….. creases with one that the ball of the oven!

  3. Jeans materials and quantities…is exactly! The TSOUREKI I've done it many times and the latter being, and I went to visit!
    Probably will put a little above alefraki….
    Try it..

  4. To obtain a prescription shall accuracy
    I claim this recipe I gave recently to my friend and a joy to succeed and this……..How to make us; measuring properly the materials; follow EXACTLY that He said;
    It would be advisable not to draw conclusions hastily Well!

    • Barely dear maroula, the only conclusion that I took, and not at all rushed, was that somewhere, something was wrong. I will however try again and hope to go better this time. Thanks luise and zoitsa, and will check the temperature and the flour and let you know the results.

      • Out of curiosity, what yeast you used; Because I suspect, that a particular brand (It is an orange-packing – understand what I) , when inflated and when not, He has been in the past and then to avoid. With other commercial brands, I never had a problem….

  5. Say this to blame? Yes it used to pack orange. And now that you've noticed that when I make bread in the bread maker sometimes swells up top and some not. Not all went my mind in yeast. I will make sure to change the brand and will retry. S.’ thank you very much!

  6. Hello!!!!!
    Thank you very much for recipe!! I will fix it tomorrow with chestnut cream!!!
    I n a aporioula….be 80 g sugar or 180 g? the 80 g LOOK liga..xero Mr I my, come maybe a little tasteless?

  7. I made it with chocolate spread and delicious,the texture and the taste is excellent even now when my oven is the last and not raise thermokrasia..fantazomai how the more perfect will be done when I get new.
    Thank you very much.

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