Cake for Father's Day


A beautiful elegant cake, perfect for Father's Day, but also for men's birthdays or other “male” circumstance. It can be done with any combination of cake – voutyrokremas prefer and in any size you serve, enough to have a rectangular shape. From


ingredients (for one cake 25 X 35 from. about – 14 with 16 servings)

1 dose sugar paste coating

1 cake 25 X 35 from. , covered with buttercream like e.g.. the chocolate cake with nutella

Coloring (depending on how you want to paint the cake)



Prepare cake, according to the recipe directions. By preparing decoration, keep it in the fridge.

From sugar paste, cut 120 g. and about the paint color you like for the bow and wipe. The rest keep it white or paint in any color you prefer for shirt.

pattern-gia-bearing anchors turta ---

Openings in sheet (Use icing to avoid sticking your sugar paste) the 120 g. and cut the ribbon (2 places the right – left and 1 central) and wipe (see the pattern). The wipe simply fold in half, with one nose a little more right than the other. The two halves of the bow fold in half and put a bit of paper towels in the patent to keep it inflated. Shrivel the sugar paste to the other side, so it looks like the wrinkled center of the bow tie. The glue in the center together with a little water or edible glue. Above wrap the central part of the bow.

Keep 200 g. about the rest of sugar paste and the remainder of the open sheet 40 X 60 from. about. Carefully put on the cake, to cover the entire. Lay on as best you can with your hands or with the special spatula. Cut with a sharp knife around as much excess.

Open sheet that kept the sugar paste and cut the pocket and collar. Wrap the collar to loose upright cylinder and bend angles outward. Set it in the center of one edge of the cake.

Also cut a strip, 2 X 45 from. about and stick in the center and along the cake, starting from the center of the collar. Right in the collar union stick and bow tie.

To the right (look like the cake) Stick the wipe and top pocket.

Finally cut six small circles (buttons) and make the center 2 holes with a toothpick. Distributes along the central strip.

Your cake is ready!


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