Recipe from Jenny for chocolate tart / Chocolate tart

Diarra Ntaiari,

we are a weblog that:
(a) afoukrazetai the needs of readers.
(b) meets the requirements of taste buds.
(c) And baptizing hypoglycemia pathological mania for sweets! (remember and formerly).
We have sweet tooth guys, what to do?
So it's time (aka finally xekounithika) to tell you about the sweet viewed the menu 5 Dish! A sweet incredibly simple and easy, that may become your favorite instantly!
ingredients (a small round Pyrex, about diameter 15-20 cm)
  • 1 box Digestive biscuits (+ 2-3 new box of biscuits)
  • 100 g. melted butter
  • 1 Couverture
  • 1 sweetened milk
  • 1 small cream
Optionally (for serving)
  • whipped cream
  • strawberries
1. Crumble cookies in multi or manually.
Melt the butter and then mix it with the crushed biscuits.
The mixture poured well by pressing with hands like basis in Pyrex. The,what we do and to create a cheesecake.
2. If, say whether, there is a difficulty in performing, then this is the conversion of sweetened milk candy.
It is now common knowledge how to do this, but let's repeat it here: take the box of milk and put it in a large pot of boiling water. Allow to boil for 3-4 hours. During, watch the water always covers the box. For convenience, boil simultaneously 3-4 boxes have. The same candy can be used in many sweets, or crepes. For example banoffee!

Allow to cool for some time, and when we open the box to see what….


3. Lightly, deep pot or double boiler, melt the chocolate. Stir constantly to prevent sticking and burn our.

4. Add the caramel and stir well to incorporate the chocolate.

5. Finally add the milk and cream and mix to make a homogeneous mixture.
(For instance) to try, dip and little finger.
The little one, pointing and chef experience 🙂

6. Pour chocolate-caramel mixture over the base with cookies and place in Pyrex refrigerated (to endure many hours).

7. Remove from the refrigerator, Chiba teaspoon, beat sweets.

If we serve with whipped cream and Strawberry, the go a lot and both.
Especially strawberries+chocolate, is combination with dislikes!

Irrelevant, but my other two combinations are unbeatable:
brioche+milk and salami+slice! Yours?


ng. Not too agapouliki my spoon?

Source: My Kitchen Diary, The personal blog of Jenny_G

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