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Delight recipe delicious delights, handmade with the original recipe and the fragrance that everyone prefers. From
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Preparation time: 20 minutes | Cooking: 1 hour 40 minutes | Total time: 2 hours and the time for cooling
Recipe for: 1 kilogram (with icing)

Nutrition information per 1 small delight (16 g. about)
Calories: 63 Calories | Fat: 0 g.

Ingredients for delights:
Ζάχαρη : 800 g.
Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon
Cornflour: 120 g.
Rose water or mastic: 1 tablespoon rodoneroi 1koutalaki mastic tears
Food coloring: 2 - 3 drops (red to rose water, yellow mastic) - optional
Cream of tartar (crean of tartar): 1 teaspoon
Ingredients for sprinkling:
Cornflour: 30 g.
Icing sugar: 160 g.

1. If you use mastic, put it in a mortar with a spoonful of sugar and beat to become dust. To store for later. Grease a baking pan 20 X 30 of about and Lay on the bottom and walls with greaseproof. Grease and wax paper. Keep it aside.
2. Put in pot 375 ml of water, together with the lemon juice and 800 g. sugar. Put on the fire and stir, the sugar melts. Allow the syrup to boil, stirring regularly until the temperature reaches 115 degrees Celsius (stage soft candy). Download the syrup from the heat and leave it aside until you use it.
Delights - syrup
3. In another pot put 500 ml of water, together with the cornflour and cream of tartar and stir to melt the cornflour.
Delights - mixture
Put the pot on the fire and boil the mixture, then anaktefontas. Continue to stir over the fire, until the mixture ceased to be pure white and starts to become translucent. Remove from the heat and add a little of the syrup. Stir absorbed. Put more syrup and stir. discarded syrup, stir coke to put all the syrup.
4. Return the pan to the fire, anaktefontas then until boiling. When he starts to boil lower the heat to the lowest. Allow the mixture to boil for one hour, stirring too often (each 1 - 2 minutes). When you pass the one hour, remove from the heat and add the fragrance of your choice ( rosewater or mastic) and if you want a little food coloring). Stir the mixture become uniform.
Delights - premix
5. Pour the mixture into the pan you prepared and let it cool, at least 5 hours (best all night). Sift together in bowl, the powdered sugar with the cornstarch. Take a little of this mixture and sprinkle over the cold delight. Sprinkle a cutting surface. With the help of waxed paper, empty delights dusted on the cut surface and xekolate greaseproof paper. Sprinkle and the upper surface of the donuts with powdered and cut in strips, first vertical and then horizontal. Very handy for this purpose is the radaki pizza.
Delights - cut
6. Take one a cut marshmallows and pour into the bowl with the icing. Now and stir to wrap around with icing. When finished put them together with icing in a bowl that closes well..
Delights - mixture

Prepared in 22 May 2014 by Luise


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