1/3 package cooked spaghetti screws and cold
half cup of boiled peas
half cup corn vrasmeeno
half cup yellow cheese (I mean anything you want cheese) diced
half cup ham (or that you want sausage) diced
2-3 pickles chopped
pepper and salt as you like

3 tablespoons mayonnaise filled
3 tablespoons full of yoghurt
half teaspoon mustard
1 teaspoon ketchup

Stir the base materials in a salad bowl.
Mix the ingredients of the dressing to a bowl .
Mix all together and ready.
At any oritsa prepared and refrigerated.

-You can put that kind of pasta you want.
-You can do only with mayonnaise or yogurt only and do not surprise your plain yogurt…..will come again delicious
-You can also put tomato diced seeded…but it must be consumed immediately because liquids downloaded ….. while without her and kept refrigerated 2-3 days……..
-If you table and can be prepared the day before
-Cheese you can put that want …… I eg. I put a little Edam I had a bit of Gruyere (assorted ) …. But all together was half cup

I hope you like it!

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