Grissini with dried tomatoes

Grissini with dried tomatoes
Grissini with dried tomatoes Delicious, crunchy, tasty breadsticks with a Mediterranean flavor. They made quickly and easily and is irresistibly! From
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Preparation time: 25 minutes and the time for inflating | Cooking: 30 minutes | Total time: 55 minutes and the time for inflating
Recipe for: 45 - 50 breadsticks about

Nutrition information per 1 sticks
Calories: Calories | Fat: g.

Flour: 500 g. (best brioche - if you do not have all-purpose)
Salt: 10 g.
Dry μαγιά : 10 g.
Ελαιόλαδο : 50 ml (3 tablespoons and 1 teaspoon)
Lukewarm water: 250 ml (1 mug)
Xero κρεμμύδι : 1 tablespoon
Dry oregano: 1 teaspoon
chopped dry ντομάτα : 4 tablespoons

1. Lay 2 large oven trays with greaseproof baking. Keep it aside.
2. Place in bowl all the dry ingredients (flour, salt, μαγιά , oregano, κρεμμύδι , ντομάτα ) and stir well. Then add the oil and water and knead (or manually, or with mixer) until you get a soft dough, 8 - 10 minutes.
3. Flour the counter and open the dough sheet, 25 X 50 from. about. With knife or pizza wheel, Cut strips along the narrow side, 1 from. thickness of about (so you will get 50 some strips 25 X 1 from. size).
4. Dish breadsticks on baking trays you prepared with a small distance between them. Cover trays with film, so, that does not touch on the breadsticks. The let rise for 30 minutes.
5. Meantime, preheat the oven to 210 degrees (up and down). When the half-hour passed, removing the film from the trays and bake the bread sticks to 30 minutes. In the middle of the baking (after 15 minutes that) change position in pans, that breadsticks cooked uniformly.
6. When baked breadsticks, Remove from the oven and nip transfer them on a rack to cool. When completely cool you can keep well in closed bowl or food bag. withstand 4 - 5 days.

Prepared in 13 July 2016 by Luise

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