4 cup. flour

250 gr. dairy butter

250 gr. margarine or vegetable butter

½ cup. powdered sugar

1 cup. skinned,coarsely chopped and roasted almonds

a little flower water

2-3 vanilla

1 pack. powdered sugar


Beat the butter in a mixer, margarine and powdered sugar for about 10΄ to whiten and fluff.

I stop the mixer for a while and toss the almonds.

Stir lightly.

I also add the flour 1-1 the cups and stir again.

We do not ferment because our chocolate cakes will tighten.

Arrange them in a pan and bake them 175 degrees to brown slightly.

When they are cooked, let them stand 5 minutes and then sprinkle with flower water and sprinkle with flour.


It may still be needed 1 with 1,5 flour cup depending on the moisture that the fresh butter will have.

I added the flour I write (the above) because the butter was too wet.

The dough is a bit “difficult” and I shape them by hand every year. It's hard to make plans.

The chocolate cakes are very fluffy no matter how many days pass because they have no liquids at all.

The liquids tighten the mixture.

The recipe is by Mrs.. Vefas Alexiadou, I'm leaving 13 about years ago and they never failed me.

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