Homemade pickled caper, especially from wild capers, It is very tasty and aromatic and additionally can be prepared even the most novice. From radicio.com



capers: 1 mug (buds, leaves or fruits)

white vinegar: 1/2 mug (wine or cider vinegar)

Salt: 1 tablespoon (natural sea, no iodide)



Put capers jar and cover with water. Leave it 1 day. The drain and put it back in the jar. Cover with water and let another day. Drain and put it back in the water (total will soak for 3 days)

Put the vinegar, with salt and 1/2 cup water, boil. Stir to dissolve the salt. Once dissolved, Remove from heat and let 30 some minutes to cool completely.

Put the drained capers jar and top empty mixture of vinegar Prepare.

Close the jar and refrigerate. They are ready to 1 week.