Olives in bottle

Olives in bottle
Olives in bottle A very easy and effortless recipe for curing olives. It can be applied to all olive, sufficient fit to pass the mouth of the plastic bottle. From radicio.com.
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Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking: 1 minutes | Total time: 11 minutes
Recipe for: 850 g. about olives

Nutrition information per 100 g. ripe olives
Calories: 167 Calories | Fat: 17 g.

olives: 800 - 900 g. (black, green, small or large, provided they are similar to the bitterness evenly)
Thick salt: 80 - 90 g.
Water: as getting
Ελαιόλαδο : 1 tablespoon

1. Wash the olives and an empty water bottle, of 1,5 l.
2. Place the olives in the bottle, a - a, the orifice. Depending on the size of olives, will take 800 - 900 g. olives. If you want to weigh the filled bottle, having in mind that empty, capless weighs about 40 g.
3. Add the bottle, coarse salt, equal to the 1/10 the weight of the olives used e.g.. if the olives were 800 g. will add 80 g. salt.
4. Add the water bottle until they are covered olives. Add olive oil on top (no need to stir the bottle to melt salt, will only melt in a few days).
5. Leave the bottle in a dry and cool place, capless. In a bit, the bottles will be released air bubbles. The whole procedure takes about a month (a little more if the olives are green). Throughout check and fill if necessary water.
6. After a month, close the bottle until use. Because the olives are not easily come out of the bottle, with thick cut scissors or knife carefully to the top of the bottle and empty, along with the brine in the bowl or glass jars. If you want to add vinegar jars and / or herbs of your choice.

Prepared in 27 October 2014 by Luise

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