Granite mortar – preparation



The granite mortar is very useful and practical, both rubbing spices, and for preparing sauces and dips. Before first use but, They need treatment to cleanse and smooth. See steps below. From


1step: Rinse the mortar with lukewarm water. You get a new kitchen sponge and the tough side thoroughly rub the mortar and pestle. Rinse and repeat. Allow the mortar to dry.

2step: put in the mortar 1/4 rice bowl and add a little water (1 – 2 tablespoons). Beat with pestle and toss and turn, until the rice completely sanded. When water is absorbed, add some more coke. At the end of the rice will have the form of a toothpaste.


Rinse the mortar with water and repeat the process of rice, repeatedly, until the paste comes out completely all-white (3 – 5 usually times). Dry mortar.

3step: put in the mortar 3 – 4 clove, a tablespoon coarse salt, some coriander seeds, pepper grain, cumin seeds and any other spices you like.


Beat well, become ointment, making sure to cover this, across the inner surface of the mortar round and the bottom of the pestle.


Allow the mortar to stay with the ointment 1 day. If you do not want to smell the kitchen from spices, hold it closed in bag. Rinse with warm water and allow to dry. The mortar is ready to use.

Remember that you should not use detergent to clean the mortar. The detergent leaves smell in a mortar after passing spices and sauces. Simply rinse with water and wipe with paper or kitchen towel. If left some heavy smell in the mortar that you want to remove it, then use some rice and break it until powder. This will remove the smell.

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