sweet fig


fig cake, a prescription from a member of radicio, “Delicacies from Crete”


Now is the season for this sweet:
50 small fig
1+1/2 kg sugar
Juice 1 lemon
Water 4flitzania tea
(If we put them theme and almonds}
I did not and I put…

Wash figs, cut their little stem and clean the skin. With each fig knife puncture the bottom with a nail or similar sharp little messing that point to easily get the syrup in fig. Cook the figs with enough water, that the change 2-3 times. The puncture with a needle to see if it is cooked. Then pour in cold water for about half an hour. Then rinse several times thoroughly and place in a towel to drain.
Boil sugar with water 5 minutes and pour into figs. Cook for 15 minutes and let them stay in the syrup until the next day .Vrazete again until the syrup thickens. Put the figs in syrup and allow to boil again, until it thickens sweet. When it is ready, put it in dry jars, close well the jar upside down to aftoaposteirothei and lid. Cool quickly sweet, note the date of manufacture on the label on the jar and store in a dry place.

For no reason we eat not from the jar….ok?

Good luck

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