edible, transparent glue for cake decoration

edible, transparent glue for cake decoration


There are several edible adhesives that can be used in confectionery, e.g.. royal icing, piping gel etc.. The recipe below is for glue tylose powder, which when it dries quickly, it is transparent, easy, easily manufactured and withstand long enough. From radicio.com



tylose powder (dust tylose) : 1/4 teaspoon

Water: 4 tablespoons (You may need more)



Put the water in a small, clean glass or plastic jar. Add the powder and stir with a toothpick or pirounaki, wettable powder (it does not matter if you do not become homogeneous mixture, will be alone with anticipation). Close the lid and let stand 1 – 2 hours.

The check and if necessary add a little more water (it has the texture of soft jelly).



Apply the glue with a clean brush onto the ornament you want to stick and place it on the cake.