1. What is radicio e-shop section

Not a usual store trying to sell specific items in stock to a visitor. Actually, we do not sell anything. Radicio eshop is a search engine, discovering daily deals and discount offers from vendors all around the world, focusing in European vendors based in the UK. We are comparing prices daily, finding the LOWEST PRICES ON THE NET for you.

We compare prices from all verified business sellers listed with Amazon and Ebay. We think that those 2 are agencies that we can trust, and you can trust.

2. Can i buy something in radicio e-shop?

No. What you CAN do, is see here the lowest prices among all those merchants listed, search for products you need, see all product details, read reviews that other customers left for those products. You CAN follow the link (click to buy), this will transfer you to the corresponding seller in Amazon, ebay etc, where you can buy the product you want.

secure safe shopping

3. Is it safe to use radicio e-shop?

Of course it is absolutely safe, as we do not process ANY transaction/credit card/financial data! We only list lowest prices products and hot current discount offers. Consider this place, as your one-stop “search engine” when you want to discover really low price, current offers, and top-discount offers on products you want. We will show you the product offers, details, reviews, and will show you where to SAFELY buy with confidence, if you choose to buy it.

We strongly suggest to trust only well established internet marketing organizations that are also known to support customers after sales. We choose amazon and ebay, two world leading organizations, offering BUYER PROTECTION. In those two, hundreds of sellers from all around the globe are offering products for sale. All should comply to the highest standards, in order to list their stores and products. We promote verified business sellers.

4. Is radicio paid to list/promote specific/my products?

No, you cannot pay radicio to list your product on sale, you cannot pay radicio to promote a product, or even to place a product in a better search position. CUSTOMERS are those who decide what is good and what is better, decide what to buy. IF and only if a client does buy a product, vendor representative (Amazon, ebay etc) will pay us a small commission fee.

Vendors who wish to list their products in our pages, are encouraged to list them in amazon.co.uk -we will discover their listing there, if relevant to our store (kitchen equipment and cooking accessories) Should we judge that selling price is a genuine low price offer, we may list products in our pages too.

5. Contacts

Should you wish to contact us regarding the operation of this website, you are welcomed to email us at radicio@radicio.com. For products/purchase/delivery you should better contact the actual vendor. Please follow the “buy” button, will direct you to the actual vendor page where you can ask a question or buy it.

Visitors are encouraged to leave a review, write a comment, share their experience, rate a product. Helps other customers in the future. Please use the form at the bottom of every product page. to submit your comments